If you can’t make a cohesive argument FOR your preferred presidential candidate, please stop talking about presidential candidates.

This goes for the talking heads on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC as well as the (usually grossly uninformed) Facebook/twitter hero who thinks he is changing hearts and minds with a meme or “gotcha video”.

At this point in the election cycle we all know why we SHOULDN’T vote for the other guy (or girl for the PC police out there), so save your divisive and partisan 140 character sound bite and attempt to form an argument FOR your candidate. We’ve gotten to the point where an “expert” is asked a question about Hillary and the answer is “but did you see what Donald said about the Generals” and questions about Trump are answered with “but what about those classified emails Hillary sent?”. We’ve truly regressed to the lowest form of debate about the highest office in the land. It’s a sad day/year/era for American Media.

And the social media warriors are even worse! I wonder these parrots could even form an original thought at this point or is their only discernible skill is repeating what they hear on their divisive and partisan TV or radio station?

And the worst part about this epidemic of uneducated and uninformed regurgitation of negativity is that the people who are participating in this middle school food fight don’t realize they are part of the problem. They just assume the “other guys” are to blame.