Yes. I think they actually have.

I tried to have a conversation with a good friend of mine, a man I admire and respect. I now fully understand how far off the reservation everyone has gone.

To be clear my friend is not off the reservation. Quite the contrary. He is a successful business owner who more often than not educates ME and helps ME see the world from a perspective I otherwise wouldn’t have considered. However. When it comes to Donald Trump, he borders on paranoid.

He actually told me that:

“If Donald Trump is elected the following things WILL happen:

  • The Stock Market will crash (on the Wednesday after the election)
  • The housing market will crash 
  • Unemployment will go through the roof
  • The United States will default on their loans and other fiscal obligations
  • The United States will go to war. 

To be clear, he didn’t say those things MIGHT happen. He said they WILL happen. How fucking crazy is that? That’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard. Literally.

I want to reiterate how smart and otherwise reasonable this man is. I do that not because I’m worried he may read this, or that I’d care if he did. I do that because it illustrates how a smart and reasonable man can be so unreasonable about Donald Trump. It’s a weird, wild world we’re living in.

I don’t like Donald Trump, anyone who knows me knows that. I also don’t like Hillary Clinton (I actually don’t think she’d be a bad president, I just disagree with most of her policies and think 4 (or god forbid) 8 years of a Clinton White House and agenda will result in over regulation, too much oversight, and unprecedented interference from the federal level, which is a hard thing to reverse once it’s had a chance to take root.

At the end of the day we only know one thing for sure:

If you can’t see the other side of a political argument, you’re at least partially at fault and you’re part of the problem that got us all into this mess. Period.

Grow the fuck up and acknowledge there are two points of view and the world isn’t going to crumble no matter what happens. It may set us back, and you may not agree, but it’s not doomsday  either way.