It’s hard to get fired up about this. Some 26 year old editor at MTV has had their safe space violated for the 1,455th time and has finally had enough. So he or she produced a video full other 26 year olds who feel the same way, for other 26 year olds who feel the same way.

I’m not mad at them though..I think telling other people how to act is always the best way to make progress in America. It is almost always received with an open mind and achieves the intended result. I bet 2017 will be a 180 degree turnaround for how these folks perceive white guys. I bet at this time next year they will make another video congratulating white guys on being so great in 2017.


*On a sidenote, I don’t understand what mansplaining is or how not to do it. I feel like if a woman thinks mansplaining is a thing, there is no way for a guy to explain something to her without it feeling like mansplaining. If you try too hard not to mansplain, it would be patronising and come off even worse….maybe the next video can be on how not to mansplain something to someone who thinks mansplaining is a thing.