If nobody watches the 1st half of the NBA season, did it really happen?

The NBA technically starts in October, but everybody knows that the real NBA doesn't start until Christmas Day. That's the NBA's annual coming out party. For my entire adult life I have been gifted with a

MTV dropped a video telling white guys how to be better in 2017

It's hard to get fired up about this. Some 26 year old editor at MTV has had their safe space violated for the 1,455th time and has finally had enough. So he or she produced

Lena Dunham is either the biggest troll on the internet or completely out of touch with reality.

Source:  “So many people I love – my mother, my best friends – have had to have abortions for all kinds of reasons,” Dunham said. “I feel so proud of them for their bravery, for

McCaffery and Fornette are skipping their bowl games

Good. Good for these guys. I hope more guys start doing this. Look, unless your are in the Final Four, these are glorified exhibition games and a money grab for the NCAA. Don't get me

Some people actually want the electoral college voters to change their vote.

If you're one of these assholes clammering for the electoral college voters to go rogue and somehow elect Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump, go to hell (am I allowed to say that in your safe

Why I love Science (sometimes, but almost never)

Study on why women should stop wearing bras was release and it's official they can stop wearing them. - Women who opt not to wear bras are often looked down on as unlady-like or hippies, but the results of

Have the Anti-Trump people become crazier than the Trump People?

Yes. I think they actually have. I tried to have a conversation with a good friend of mine, a man I admire and respect. I now fully understand how far off the reservation everyone has gone. To

Trump is going to have a field day with Hillary’s near collapse.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j580tM   First of all, this is why 68 year old's shouldn't try to run for office. It's one of the most exhausting jobs on the planet..I'm not talking about being the president,

Fantasy Football is the Worst (Read: Best)

  The NFL is back, which means that desk jockeys, cube monkeys, hungover college students, oblivious girlfriends, that one chick who really needs to prove how much she knows about the NFL by drafting Brandin Cooks because he's about to

5 Raw Takes from Week 1

Breaking: The Patriots are The Patriots. Without the greatest Quarterback in the history of the NFL, without the most dominant position player in the league, without 2 starting offensive lineman, and a defensive leader, the